We buy all Liberty $20 Gold Coins (1850-1907).


Produced for more than 50 years, the $20 Liberty gold coin is one that had an extremely high face value for its day. At the time, the coin’s face value more closely coincided with the spot price of gold, but now the inherent value of these coins in gold is far greater than ever before. If you combine this with the fact that these are not the easiest coins to acquire than you have yourself a great collector’s item. Nowadays, collectors from all over the world do everything they can to get their hands on these coins. Of course, getting their hands on them is not enough, as most collectors set forth that only the most well-preserved pieces will be able to be added to their collections.

When it comes down to it, just about every year and every type of $20 Liberty is sought after by collectors. As stated, these coins are particularly interesting because it is unusual for most to see a coin that has a face value higher than $1. If you account for how much $20 was able to buy you back in the 1800s, it is clear to see just how useful and powerful these coins were in their day.

Apart form that, you will find that the versions and types that do not have many remaining on the market will be the ones that sell for exorbitantly high prices. The 1891CC, for example, will sell for no less than $2,000+.