Going through a family members possessions after he or she passes away can be a brutal task. 

At Oakton Coins, we help people in the Chicago area liquidate estates. You’d be surprised how often someone who moved away from the Chicago area years ago gets pulled back to deal with selling massive amounts of stuff after someone in the family passes away. If you’re in this situation, make sure you visit us. We buy coins, all forms of silver and gold collectibles, and more. But because we’re buying and selling all the time, we have contact with most everyone in the Chicago area who will buy pretty much anything. We can save you a lot of time, and you will probably end up with more money. Let us help you get back to your normal life. You do not need an appointment.

Should I list all my coins in a spreadsheet or text document?

More than likely we won’t be able to use it. We will need to see your coins in order to judge their condition and value. No matter how thorough or complete your list may be, we can evaluate your collection faster by going through the coins rather than from your list. So before you decide to go through the time and effort to make a list, please understand that while a list may be useful to you, it won’t be as useful to us. Besides, as part of our appraisal process, we will prepare a written list for you.

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